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Training Groups

The Susumus  

are the youngest in our school. Quite a few of them have taken their first steps on the tatami. They practise with their mommies and daddies, sometimes  even withe grannies/grandpas.

Goal and activity: The Judoschool’s Susumu group focuses on supporting the child’s whole development:  in addition to the ingeneral training, we are putting a large amount of attention to the development of a child’s fundamental movement skills, sense of rhythm, coordination and stamina through proper sporty activities. The trainings are filled in with music, jolly studying games and all other possible ways, making the training enchanting for the little ones. The kids can learn to control their will and emotion, to make an effort to establish personal goals, to cope with success as well as failure; to look up to the trainer, to find support and acknowledgement through game-like exercises. The main thing is: we want to provide the child the ability to cope, give confidence and independence.
The Susumus’ primary trainer in the school in sensei Toni Eylandt. In addition to the traditional trainer-skill, she has a basic pedagocical education and a long-time work experience. Toni is positively tuned, encouraging and a reinforcing friend for your youngin and your own partner in charting your child’s competences and gifts. Toni will make sure the child today will have good mental health and a good physical preparation, as well as basic knowledge of the judo-culture and rules of behavious, while joining the Juku group.
The Susumus’ training clothing consists of a soft orange cotton kimono.
The Jukus
are kids at age 4 – 7, whose studying takes place according to curricula, allowing them to commit the yellow obi (belt) exam. The Jukus’  training clothing consists of an orange cotton kimono. It also has the school’s logo on it. Their primary trainer is Toni Eylandt, aided by sempais Gert Pant and Julia Bogdanova.
The Judo
group is for teh real future judokas! They own a yellow obi(belt) , enough knowledge and practical skills. They actively participate in teh Judoschool’s Kiddo Judo Cup and the Lotte National Tournament.
Their training uniform is a white cotton kimono and an obi (belt) according to qualification. Their trainers are senseis Toni Eylandt, Dmitri Budõlin and sempai Julia Borovkov.